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    Math, Science, History. Let me help you unravel the mystery. Descriptive, authoritative, and engaging voice over for documentaries, science, history, and other factual television.

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    On a dark and stormy night, what better comfort than a warm audiobook. Emotive, character-fueled, and endearing voice over for all your audiobook needs.

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    Radio and Podcast

    Commercials, dramas, PSAs, or chit-chat, the key is natural, colloquial talk. Down-to-earth voice over to bring the listener to you.

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I'm Quentin Hudspeth.

You've got voice over needs. 

I can satisfy those needs.

I am a professionally trained voice actor specializing in audiobooks and factual television, but I am available for other narrative voice over as well as commercial work.

Have a listen to my demos. I'm sure you'll find my voice perfect for one of your projects.


Whose Voice?     Q's Voice. 

For all your voice over needs.


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